Privacy Policy

Elytra (hereafter may also be referred to as “We”, “Us”, "Our", "Me", "I", “Dezine Zync”, "Nikhil Nigade") cares about your privacy and is in the business of selling apps and not your data.

Your Consent

By using our apps, you consent to our Privacy Policy

1. Your Data

Elytra automatically generates an Account ID for you when you launch the iOS app and complete the on-boarding process. This is to ensure no personally identifiable information is collected or logged. 

All communications between Elytra and its servers always happens over HTTPs. Certain services or websites may communicate over plain HTTP (like when loading list of feeds from a website with the http:// protocol).

2. Analytics

Elytra does not use any 3rd party Analytics service. If you have the “Share with App Developers” option enabled on your iOS device, Apple will share this data with us in a completely anonymised manner. This is governed by Apple’s Privacy Policy.

Elytra’s web service captures the following information anonymously: 

  • When an article is opened, the article’s identifier is logged. The article’s identifier is unique to Elytra. 
  • When a feed is subscribed to, the feed’s identifier is logged. The feed’s identifier is unique to Elytra. 

This information is used for suggesting trending and most subscribed feeds to new customers of the app. All information collected on the server cannot identify any particular customer. 

The web service only stores aggregated analytics data on a per hour basis.

The web service does not log or collect IP addresses from connecting devices.

3. Testflight

Some users will have access to Elytra’s beta builds through Testflight. This requires us to provide Apple with the user's Name and Email ID which is collected through a form subject to user consent. This process is subject to Testflight’s Privacy Policy.

4. Apple

Elytra for iOS is distributed through the App Store and therefore the use of Elytra is also subject to Apple’s Privacy Policy

5. Sharing Data

When Law Enforcement Agencies legally request for customer data, we are liable to provide such information which may include:

  • all email correspondences
  • all interactions over social media including private communications 

All correspondences over social media are subject to the Privacy Policy of that service and are beyond the scope of this policy. 

This is subject to a single constraint that you have previously mentioned your Account ID to us or we can identify you through some unique ID (example, Email ID). 

Since Elytra does not collect any personally identifying information from you, our scope of identifying a customer and therefore being able to share such information is very limited.

6. Contact

You can contact us regarding questions or concerns over this policy at:

You may also contact us on the same email ID if you wish to:

  1. Request a copy of the data associated with your Account ID.
  2. Request to delete all data associated with your Account ID. 

This requires sharing of your Account ID with us. See Section 5 for more information.

7. Changes to this policy

All changes to the document will be listed below under the History subtitle. The current revision date is mentioned at the top. We reserve the right to update our privacy policy without notifying our users and customers before or after the update. 


The Privacy Policy is also hosted on Github if you like to read the diffs.

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