Simple RSS Feed Reader for your iPhone and iPad.

Elytra's Light Theme
Elytra's Primary Interfaces Elytra's Reader Theme

Designed to look great at all sizes

Elytra brings Native Text Rendering for RSS Feeds which enables iOS’ VoiceOver & Dynamic Type support.

Designed with precision to support all iOS Devices running iOS 11 and above.

Full Control over when images are loaded, their size and approximate quality.

Completely Private. Elytra does away with the traditional approach of using web pages to render the content. This protects your privacy, so you can read at ease.

Automatic Account Setup and syncing across devices. One less password to remember.

Four beautiful themes to choose from

  1. Default
  2. Reader
Elytra's Bookmarks Interface Elytra's Push Notifications support for new articles Elytra's Interface allows you to share linked headers from articles. Elytra's Add Feed Interface

Designed to help you read more

  1. Bookmarked articles are stored locally so you can read them even when you’re offline. You can bookmark articles to read later and keep only the interesting ones.

  2. Publishers who support the WebSub protocol on their websites instantly get support for real-time notifications in the app. Additional information here.

  3. Linked Headers enable you to share a section of an article directly with your friends & family and peers. All supported articles will have it enabled by default.

  4. Add new RSS Feeds by directly entering it’s URL or search by Title or Keywords matching to find new and interersting blogs to read.

Elytra's Article Reader Interface

Designed with your privacy in mind

Elytra does away with all scripts and image links which track you on the internet.

Youtube videos are rendered natively to prevent any kind of tracking.

Elytra honours your Do Not Track setting and lets all external sources know about the same.

Your account is automatically setup using a random Unique ID and no personal information is collected from you during signup, not even your Email ID.

You can read Elytra’s Privacy Policy here.

Elytra's Pricing & Subscriptions Interfaces

Simple Pricing

You can try all features of Elytra for free for 14-Days. If you like Elytra and plan to continue using it past your trial, you can purchase monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions at just USD 1.99/month.

You wont be charged automatically once your trial ends. You’ll have to manually resubscribe as your subscription period comes to an end. This helps in preventing automatic charges on your card.

You can alternatively purchase a Lifetime Subscription as a one time payment. This subscription will expire in 3298 LY.