Elytra running on iPad Airs Gen 4 in Light Mode & Dark Mode

Private. Focused. Feed Reader.

Elytra is the first Feed Reader on iOS & macOS to bring native text & image rendering to the Article Reader. It’s fully featured, customizable and ever evolving.

Elytra running on iPad Pro and iPhone 11 Pro in dark and light modes respectively showcasing the latest iOS 14 UI Frameworks.

Designed to look great at all sizes.

Elytra brings Native Text Rendering for RSS Feeds which enables iOS’ VoiceOver, Dynamic Type support and several Accessibility Features.

Elytra does away with the traditional approach of using web pages to render the content. This protects your privacy, so you can read at ease.

Full control over when images are loaded, their quality and size. Elytra also respects your Low Data mode settings if enabled.

Designed using the latest Apple UI Frameworks, Elytra feels right at home with the latest OS version and is easy to use.

Three Exicting Widgets.
Customized to your taste.

Elytra two widget options: Counters and Latest Unread Articles.
Elytra two widget options: Counters and Latest Unread Articles.

Youtube Feeds Support & Native Video Player.

Enter any Youtube Channel’s URL and Elytra will automatically fetch its RSS Feed and add it your account. The Share Extension works great too!

The Native Video Player uses HLS Streams to play most videos using the most optimum playback quality based on your network & bandwidth settings.

Comitted to your Privacy

Elytra itself does not collect any personally identifiable information from you. But that’s not enough!

Elytra’s Native Article Renderer blocks all tracking scripts and images which collect device information when loaded.

Elytra can also use a image proxy to load images in articles to further protect your privacy.

You can read Elytra’s Privacy Policy here.