Elytra on iPhone showing the feeds interface.
Elytra on iPhone showing the Macstories feed interface
Elytra on iPhone showing the article interface

Read Comfortably

Native Text Rendering

All articles in Elytra are rendered natively using iOS’ TextKit. You can now not only search for articles, but search for text within articles.

Dynamic Type

Elytra is fully compatible with dynamic type and uses your type size preference throughout the app.

Searchable Text

Search for a particular word, a phrase, through image captions and headings.

Linked Headers

Section headers with identifiers are linked so you can directly share that section of the article with your friends & family.

Read Anywhere

Customize the Finer Things

In Elytra, you can control how articles are rendered and what is rendered.

Select between the pre-defined light and dark themes, pick an accent color and choose when images are loaded.

Elytra's appearance interface which allows users to change the active theme, accent color and font choice for articles.
Elytra's image loading interface which enables users to set their image loading preferences including size and network bandwidth options.

Read Offline

Bookmarked articles are stored locally so you can read them even when you’re offline. Or you can use the bookmarks list for articles you want to read later.

Completely Private

Your account is setup anonymously for you without requiring any of your personal information. Read our Privacy Policy for more information.

Push Notifications

Publishers who support the WebSub protocol on their websites instantly get support for real-time notifications in the app.

No Tracking

Elytra is devoid of any third party analytics & tracking tools or code. This ensures your reading habits are private to you.

Read the Necessary


Nobody likes spoilers for movies or the next issue of your favorite comic book. Or perhaps you’d like to take a step back from specific keywords.

Setup filters in Elytra and cut through all the noise.

Elytra's filters interface.