v2023.10 for iOS

v2023.10 brings major improvements to the app, multiple bug fixes, and more coming soon...

This build also lands full support for iOS & iPadOS 17.

Improvements & Fixes

  • New fluid toolbar design enabling you to fully take advantage of the full screen displays on modern devices.
  • Fixed multiple bugs with widgets, most importantly:
    • tapping on an article in the widget now opens the correct article instead of the first article
    • widgets now show the articles in correct order
  • New & faster sync API
  • Simpler UI for adding feeds and folders
  • Recommendations have been removed from the app, when adding a new feed, Elytra will now always prefer the direct feed URL instead.

You can download the update from the App Store.

The macOS app is being re-written using AppKit, it previously used MacCatalyst which has become harder to support over the last two years.

The Mac app is in a much better state now, but lacks some critical functionality like OPML imports, text customisation and the like. Rest assured, it's on track to be released by December 2023, or latest by January 2024.