January 2023 Release

I wish you a healthy & safe 2023. Elytra’s Jan 2023 release is full of fixes and stability improvements.

You can download the latest Mac release from Github as well. 

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  • App now uses the article’s date for notification timestamps

  • Improves app responsiveness and reduces disk I/O usage.

  • Improved networking stack

  • Changed Preferences menu title to Settings on macOS 13.x

  • Marking articles read/unread is now a local operation, i.e. if the Cloud request fails for any reason, the information is persisted and will be synced with the Cloud API once your device or the service is reachable across the interwebs.


  • Assortment of fixes from various crash reports

  • Fixed rendering and scrolling slowness on macOS 13.x

  • Ongoing fixes for filtering articles

  • Fixed feed title not being fully visible upon scrolling

  • Fixed custom feed title not being used (macOS only)

  • Fixed stuttering when image loads and scrolling in the article reader.