November 2022 Supplementary Release

I’ve just released a supplementary update for the November 2022 release.

The iOS update has been approved, the Mac update is pending review and should become available shortly. It includes some critical fixes so updating is highly recommended. 

You can download the latest Mac release from Github as well. 

Release Notes


  • Added support for following Mastodon accounts through their RSS feeds. Start by adding the user’s ID (eg. in the new feed web address field.


  • Fixed some issues when loading images using the image proxy

  • Fixed a bug with Smart Folders auto-grouping

  • Fixed exporting log archive

  • Fixed articles list sometimes not loading immediately after sync

  • Fixed crash when opening an article with an embedded audio file which had a negative start offset (basically a file with bad metadata)

  • Fixed a bug where “Mark All Read” would still show some articles are unread in the list

  • Fixed a critical bug where internal DB connection wiring was all messy. It’s a lot cleaner now and put inside a neat little white-box imported from a Scandinavian country