November 2022 Release

Elytra’s November 2022 releases focuses purely on stability and backwards compatibility of features. 

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Common Fixes & Improvements 

  • Various improvements to widgets
  • Fixed a bug with updating counters after syncing completes 
  • Fixed a bug with the “Review App” prompt appearing unexpectedly 
  • Fixed a bug causing filtered articles to be visible in article lists throughout the app.
  • Fixed crash when opening an article from notifications.


  • Improvements for find in article on iOS 15
  • Find in article now loops over results in iOS 15 similar to iOS 16
  • Fixed search results in articles appearing in reverse order on iOS 16
  • Fixed a bug with counting for the lockscreen widgets

This will be the last release of 2022, not including bug fix releases in the v2022.11.x pipeline if any are required. I’ll be starting work on the next big features of Elytra soon and will slowly start becoming available with the v2023.1 release.

In the mean time, I hope you stay safe and healthy. Happy holidays.