Sunsetting the Web App

The Web App for Elytra has been a work-in-progress since its initial public release three years ago.It’s been hard to maintain and develop due to the minimal interest from me, and declining interest from users.

Over the last few releases of Elytra on iOS & macOS, native technologies on the respective platforms has enabled powerful features like Find in Article and, the in the latest release, Smart Folders amongst others.

These are features which would not have been possible with technologies and frameworks Apple provides on iOS and macOS.Replicating these on the web would involve a lot of work from my end and as a solo independent developer, that’s a huge undertaking for minimal returns. It does not make any business sense.

For reasons outlined above, I will be sunsetting the Web App on 1st December, 2022. This does not affect your accounts or registered feeds, folders and other such information.

This change will also yield me more time to spend on improving the native apps and bringing new features to them.If you have any questions about this, feel free to get in touch with me at