Elytra running on a Macbook Pro

Private. Focused. Feed Reader.

Elytra is the first Feed Reader on iOS & macOS to bring native text & image rendering to the Article Reader. It’s fully featured, customizable and ever evolving.

Elytra running on running on an iMac showcasing Multi-window support.

Designed for macOS Big Sur.

Elytra brings Native Text Rendering for RSS Feeds which enables iOS’ VoiceOver, Dynamic Type support and several Accessibility Features.

Elytra adapts to most of your preferences. It’ll pick your global tint colour, sidebar size for icons so you feel right at home when using Elytra.

Built using the same rendering engine as its iOS App, native text and image rendering brings performance like you’ve never experienced before.

Multi-window support, native mouse & trackpad gestures, keyboard shortcuts and context menus makes Elytra a candidate for a good Mac Citizen.

Macbook Pro Shell Elytra Screenshot 1
Elytra’s Main Interface. Using a 3-pane interface, it follows macOS’ design principles closely.

Comitted to your Privacy

Elytra itself does not collect any personally identifiable information from you. But that’s not enough!

Elytra’s Native Article Renderer blocks all tracking scripts and images which collect device information when loaded.

Elytra can also use a image proxy to load images in articles to further protect your privacy.

You can read Elytra’s Privacy Policy here.