Does Elytra connect to and sync with Feedwrangler, Feedbin, etc.?

Elytra uses it's own Sync & Aggregation Service. This enables the Elytra server services to do all the heavy lifting for you so your iOS Devices conserve power. This also enables seamless sync for your unread articles and bookmarks.

This in-turn keeps your account completely private as the Sign Up process is automated and does not collect any personal information from you.

There are currently no plans to integrate other sync services.

How to add a new RSS Feed from Safari?

You can enable the Elytra Action extension when ever you're sharing a URL. Elytra's Action will automatically check for available RSS feeds on the page and display valid feeds for you to add to your account.

This works in other browsers and any other apps which allow for sharing text or URLs.

The Unread counts do not match up or are out of sync

This is merely a visual bug that can sometimes occur when only partial information was fetched from the server. A refresh from the Feeds interface will fetch and display the correct unread counts.

What is Background Sync?

Background Sync is an iOS feature which enables Elytra to fetch unread articles in the background and keep them ready. iOS will trigger this for Elytra at appropriate times to conserve power on your devices.

How many devices can I use on the same Account ID?

There are no strict limits at the moment, but this may change in the future. For now, as many as you own and like.

Can I share my Account ID with a friend or family member?

This is not advised as your feeds will merge and may quickly get confusing for you as well as the person you're sharing the account with.

Who are you?

My name is Nikhil Nigade, you can find me on Twitter. I designed and engineered Elytra's iOS Application and Server Side services. I am dsylexic and I made Elytra to inculcate better reading habits in me. Seeing how it shaped up, I most certainly wanted to share it with the world.

If you have any questions other than those listed above or need more information, please write to us at: